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The World’s Safest Social Network

Meet the creators

Mark Weinstein and Jonathan introduce themselves
and Sgrouples into the world of social networking.

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The World’s Safest Social Network. Welcome to Sgrouples, the world’s safe social network. Sgrouples is simple: We provide our users with the world’s most powerful social experience while giving them the complete peace of mind provided by our Privacy Bill of Rights.

At Sgrouples, you own your content. Your personal information is private and is yours; it’s not our business. There is absolutely no spying, tracking, or stalking in our site. Permissions and privacy are your rights, we make it easy for you to allow or deny access to any content you post. Advertising is non-invasive and optional.

Share. Be safe. It’s simple.

Your real life - online

Sgrouples is about keeping it real. In real life you don’t have 700 friends, and you don’t talk in 140 characters. You don’t interact with your family the same way you do with your friends, and you don’t share the same things with your fraternity or sorority that you do with your co-workers.

At Sgrouples, invite your friends, family, and communities to join you in private groups where you can share what you want with exactly who you want, just like in real life.

Sgrouples is about keeping it simple. We take the people and things you truly care about and put them in one easy to use place. With one click, share with any of your favorite online communities. Store photos and documents in your free, private cloud. Plan events. Have great discussions.

Sgrouples is about keeping it real.

Mark Weinstein Founder & CEO

Mark is a leading privacy advocate and the founder of, the worldʼs first safe social network. Mark is a visionary early pioneer of the social experience, founding and in 1998, which were PC Magazine "Top 100" sites and precursors to todayʼs social networks. An expert on individual and organizational greatness, he founded Peak Life Habits, Inc., in 2002, and is the author of the award - winning Habitually Great book series, endorsed by the late Stephen Covey.

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Mark Weinstein - Founder & CEO

Jonathan Wolfe Chief Scientist

Jonathan Wolfe is the Chief Scientist at, the world’s first safe social network. A pioneer in using the internet to foster communication and collaboration, Jonathan built his first webpage in 1995 and co-founded and in 1998 with Mark, which were PC Magazine "Top 100" sites and precursors to today’s social networks. Jonathan has been programming for over thirty years, starting in 1981 on an Apple II+. He is a veteran of a wide array of programming languages and design philosophies, from Basic and C programming all the way to Scala and Lift.

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Jonathan Wolfe - Chief Scientist

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