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The World’s Safest Social Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sgrouples? is an all-in-one suite of services that combines many popular features on the Web in one easy-to-use place. From a single user-friendly dashboard, members can start their own private groups; manage their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts; and enjoy a free personal cloud to save and share photos, documents and important files.

Sgrouples’ Privacy Bill of Rights, Privacy Policy, and patent-pending permission tool "GroupAuth™", provide an unprecedented level of privacy assurances for its users.

Private Groups
To share only with your selected friends, family, co-workers, etc. (with features like photo albums, event calendars, document sharing and much more)
One Place
To manage your social networks like Facebook and Twitter
Personal My Cloud
To store and control your personal and shared content
Links & Reviews
Connect to and share your favorite sites and opinions
Clear Permissions
For your privacy and peace of mind
A Simple User Interface
Sgrouples’ design is warm, inviting, and easy to use

What are the problems with other sites that Sgrouples addresses?

How is Sgrouples designed to earn my trust?

Why should I join Sgrouples?

Sgrouples simplifies your online life, saves you time, and makes you more effective. We are scrupulous about respecting and protecting your privacy and the privacy of your friends and loved ones, with no tracking, no spying, and no profiling. Our user interface is simple, warm and elegant with careful permissions and important breakthroughs in functionality.

How does Sgrouples make money, if it doesn't sell user information to advertisers?

We will serve ads at Sgrouples, but we let you choose what kinds of ads you'd like to see. We will NEVER give advertisers any information about you personally. We believe this opt-in philosophy is more effective for everyone than the standard model where intrusive companies snoop on what you share in order to target ads at you. At Sgrouples you will also enjoy options on data storage, helpful private group apps, and other choices that make your experience even better. Everything we do is intended to enhance your experience, because our philosophy is that taking care of you and your needs as our user, is the best and right way to be successful.

Why the name Sgrouples?

We believe that the world is craving a social experience based on scrupulous integrity. That means no tracking, spying, profiling, stalking, spamming, etc. And, since at Sgrouples you have the power to share information with the people you know in your life in discrete private groups, as well as control how you share your content more publicly in social networks, the name just jumped out. Imagine - the Internet with Sgrouples!

Who is Sgrouples for?

Many, many types of people will love using Sgrouples:

Sgrouples - The World’s Safe Social Network