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Jobs in Sgrouples

Get in on ground floor with an excellent team with a great history. We did it before in WEB 1.0 as a "PC Magazine Top 100" web company ( We are a high quality start-up with an excellent team and advisory board. We are going to be big! We have a home base in Sunnyvale, California (Silicon Valley), and most of our team are working virtually so your location can be flexible, even international.

We are on the lookout for great team members, full-timers, part-timers, moonlighters; come and join the fun and help create a place people around the world love and trust. Our development team is coding in the advanced languages of Scala and Lift, and our marketing team is shaping up to be the best anywhere. Below is a list of open positions, and if you don't see your position, create it!

To get started right away with us the first 12-16 weeks are for generous stock options and you can be fulltime, part-time, or moonlighting. Then you can become salaried with an additional stock package (with all that nice stock already in your pocket). This is the opportunity to help build an experience that will be used and loved by millions of users around the world. Join us and be part of the visionary team that creates this.

Contact us right away, send your note interest and your resume, as well as relevant experience/web projects to, (no calls please, thank you).


Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing at Sgrouples is a hands-on, make things happen position. Your focus is on rapidly building Sgrouples user base and keeping a keen eye on what makes them happy at Sgrouples, noting their "found values", and providing input to the CEO and the development team. You help identify and reach key target demographics. You are hands on, and also recruit and manage several members of the marketing team. Sgrouples' relationship with its users is based on trust; our growth is dependent on trustworthy introductions. To that end, you will lead the charge of the marketing team as you rapidly grow Sgrouples user base and ensure those users are communicated with and happy at Sgrouples.

Chief Revenue Officer

Sgrouples is designed to be remarkably profitable while providing users with a seamless, fantastic experience. Your focus is on all revenue inflows, facilitating, managing, and monitoring, revenue buckets and users, while always identifying new ways to increase and drive revenue, only in ways that makes sense for our users.

PR/Press Mentions Manager

In this key Sgrouples position-you are in charge of all Sgrouples press relationships and your job is to be tactically releasing and generating press mentions, news coverage, and all types of publicity for Sgrouples through online, print, and television. You will work directly with the CMO and CEO, and you are in charge of and responsible for getting the message out and keeping Sgrouples favorably mentioned and written about as much as possible. You are also the front line for managing any negative or otherwise non-favorable coverage and for interrupting any such flows and to keep the message and coverage supremely positive!

Social Media Manager

This is a fun and key position-you are managing our Twitter and Facebook presence while working many approaches and angles to keep Sgrouples front and center in buzz and mentions throughout the web within our target demographics, newsfeeds, and beyond! You build thousands of "followers" for Sgrouples and brilliantly facilitate their spreading the word of Sgrouples!

Geometric (Viral) Customer Acquisition Expert

You are a marketing and technology expert at viral online campaigns-you will lead the online charge using buttons, links, and key strategies that you implement with the help of our technology team. Your job is to get us everywhere on the web and aggressively draw traffic and membership to Sgrouples.

Director, User Communications

You are our direct point of communication with our users and our team, both on the "feedback" side, as well as creating and managing our proactive communication with our users. You report to and work with our Chief Scientist and our CMO. You are great at helping our users with any issues and also encouraging them to expand the ways they use Sgrouples!

Director, Community Builder

You are an expert at doing community awareness campaigns that lead directly to action. You are a significant influencer and you understand how to identify and access, and recruit key influencers and community leaders who have established networks of active followers. Your expertise is in building relationships that leverage the mechanics and the reach of community leaders.

Director, Blogger Relationships

You are in charge of recruiting, managing, and communicating with 20-50 of the most significant bloggers whose followers closely match Sgrouples target demographics. You identify and recruit key bloggers who have established networks of active followers. Your expertise is in building great rapport and keeping in contact with this group, effectively serving and providing them with great ways to use Sgrouples in ways that are relevant and important to their followers.


Senior Software Engineer/Scala-Lift Developer

As an experienced Scala/Lift developer familiar with document-oriented databases, you jump right in with our great team! We are using functional programming and tools such as DataBinder Dispatch, sbt, MongoDB Rogue, lift-json, in a Linux, Amazon EC2 environment. Experience with webservice APIs and oAuth desirable. Get in on ground floor with an excellent team and a great history in the space. Help create, design and build the architecture.

UI Developer

You are an experienced UI developer to work directly with our Chief Scientist, translating and helping bring the UI to life. You will create the HTML interface from designer specifications. Technologies include: HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery programming, Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF. Creating, manipulating and optimizing web graphics a plus as is experience with Github code management system.

Mobile Developers

We are ready to prepare Sgrouples for its mobile launch! We have two open positions for the mobile team that will develop Sgrouples for use on Apple and Android platforms, to launch in January 2012. Join us and lead this important initiative!

QA Director

You are the hands on Quality Assurance tester. Since our site is in constant development, this position is very important and on a daily basis you will be intimately involved with the development team, testing products, services, changes, etc., both on our development and our live servers, and in multiple browsers. Your oversight and input are critical for Sgrouples developers and users!


You have the opportunity to work side by side with the CEO and CHIEF SCIENTIST. You will help guide the product platform architecture, software development operations, and directly influence business/product development. Your background includes hands-on coding experience, project management, and leadership positions. You ensure our user experience is flawless and that our development sprints are completed and delivered timely and consistently as a best-in-class and highly successful solutions for consumers and businesses around the world.

Thanks for identifying your perfect job at Sgrouples or creating one!

Please send your application to: (no calls please, thank you).